(tapping a pencil on a blank notebook page…….)

So why do I have to do this writing thing anyway?  It’s not like I’m really that interested in:

  • developing and enhancing my thoughts and views
  • sharing my thoughts and ideas with others
  • building argumentative positions and being held accountable for them
  • following others and insights they may have
  • learning something new in order to write intelligently
  • creating long and obnoxious bulleted lists

Many great writers say that they dedicate a certain amount of time each day to write and develop ideas.  That time is used as exercise, or, “time in the gym,” to flex their brain tissue so that it doesn’t go idle.  Well, perhaps that’s why I need to write, to go from lifting that embarassing 10lb weight to something more respectable, like, 15lbs.

There are many intriguing developments underway in the world, and, many far-less intriguing developments in my mind.  Perhaps I’ve found the gym I need to exercise expressing my point of view on these developments, for either the benefit or detriment of society.

I guess it’s time to stop tapping that pencil on a blank page and to put words on paper.